Caravan Repairs

Caravan Repairs Torfaen

Caravan Repairs Torfaen

Professional Caravan Repairs in Torfaen

The Caravan Centre is the UK’s largest breaking company. We’re a company that focuses primarily on salvaging old and unusable caravans for perfectly usable parts. We recycle old caravans that would otherwise be too expensive to refurbish, reducing the impact that could potentially befall the environment when it’s scrapped and dumped somewhere.

As professionals in caravan breaking, that also gives us all the knowledge and experience we need to also repair caravans. Our workflow means that we can source plenty of usable parts in perfect condition that could be perfect to repair your caravan, and we’ll likely always have parts for older caravans. In addition, our wide selection of spares means that we can even upgrade or perform renovations on your caravan depending on what your needs are.

We’ll examine your caravan thoroughly for any potential issues before we perform any work on it.
We’ll repair everything from minor scratches and bumps to damp issues, accident repairs and appliance replacements.
Our engineers have hundreds of years of experience between them, giving us all the expertise we need to fix your caravan.
All of our engineers carry the relevant qualifications and technical service training required to be officially recognised as a professional in the field.
We’ve serviced caravans that have come all the way to us from countries as far as New Zealand.
Our huge stock of spare parts from salvaging other caravans means we likely have all the parts we need in our warehouse to help you repair your caravan quickly.
In addition to caravan repairs, we also provide maintenance and servicing to help ensure that your caravan is road safe.
One of the most reputable caravan repair services available in Torfaen with years of experience and a skilled workforce to back it up

Why pick The Caravan Centre for your repairs?

Having been in business since 1988, we’re one of the longest-running caravan repair services and used parts suppliers in the whole of the United Kingdom. Having been in business for well over three decades, we’ve built up a reputation that is famous among the residents of Torfaen. People come far and wide with their caravan issues to our repair centre and we deliver quality results every single time.

Whether it’s a simple body repair or a serious issue with the appliances and parts inside of your caravan, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure we can return your caravan to you in full working condition. Don’t waste your time with lesser repair centres that might wait for weeks before they have parts and don’t trust any dodgy uncertified mechanics with little to no experience in working with caravans.

Get in touch today

If you’re looking for a professional caravan repair service in Torfaen then look no further than Caravan Breakers. With our centuries of combined experience and dedication to customer service, there’s no other service in the area that can post the same credentials as us. Simply call us on 01495 792 700 if you’d like to speak to one of our friendly representatives about repairing your caravan.