Caravan Parts Torfaen

Caravan Parts Torfaen

New and Used Caravan Parts in Torfaen

The Caravan Centre is the UK’s largest new and used caravan parts supplier in the whole of the United Kingdom. With over 30 years of experience and service in Torfaen, we’re no doubt one of the most reputable companies to purchase caravan parts from in the whole country.

We source most of our parts from old caravans that are no longer fit to operate. These are caravans that would otherwise be sold for scrap or crushed and disposed of in poor conditions that will harm the environment. We use our expertise to ensure that we recycle as many caravans as possible, taking all usable parts from them so that we can reuse them for repairs or sell them as extras and spares.

However, we also stock a wide range of new products as part of our commitment to not only offer choice to our customers but the widest range of new and used caravan parts in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Here are just a few examples of the types of products we offer at The Caravan Centre:

Adhesives and sealants
Alloy and steel wheels
Awning parts
Blinds and blind spares
Caravan stripes, decals and badges
Chassis equipment
Compartment doors and frames
Cookers and spare parts for cookers
Gas fittings and regulators
Fridge spares
Foam seating
Motorhome accessories both new and used
Bathroom and toilet spares
Storage essentials
Stove parts
Safety and security
Water heaters and blown air systems
Wall and furniture boards

We have a huge range of products that are available for browsing both on the internet and in our store. So whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure to have both new and used parts that will help you fix, renovate or repurpose your caravan.

Why choose us for caravan parts in Torfaen?

We’ve been in the business of supplying both new and used caravan parts for over 30 years and throughout those years we’ve built a solid reputation among not just the residents of Torfaen, but the entire world. We supply our products on a global scale because we understand just how hard it can be to locate very specific caravan parts. As the UK’s largest supplier of caravan parts, we make it our business to ensure that every customer has peace of mind when they purchase from us with our 3-month guarantee.

So whether it’s body parts that you need to perform a replacement or fixtures for your caravan’s bathroom, we have virtually anything that you could want. In addition to offering caravan parts in Torfaen, we also offer repair and maintenance services to ensure that your caravan is working optimally.

Contact us now

We’re your one-stop shop for anything related to caravans, so get in touch regardless of what you need. Whether you’re looking for an extremely specific caravan part, want more information on our products or are looking for some advice on your caravan, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01495 792 700 so we can put you through to one of our helpful sales representatives. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, then feel free to browse our store or use the search function and make an online purchase that will be delivered straight to your door.