Fire Angel Carbon Monoxide Alarm


Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly poisonous gas that has no colour, taste or smell. It is totally invisible to the human senses. The only way to detect CO is with an carbon monoxide alarm. Worryingly, less than a third of people have a CO alarm, putting them, their familes and their Caravans/Motorhomes at risk, Carbon monoxide is potentially fatal and even low-levels of the poison can cause lasting damage to your health. 

Here's five steps to improve your safety:

  1. Fit an audible alarm
  2. Have your appliances checked regularly by a gas safe workshop/engineer
  3. Don't block ventilation
  4. Know the signs around your appliances
  5. Learn to recognise the symptoms

Most people don't think about carbon monoxide until its too late – Is your (or your families life) not worth £22?