Many apologies to all our customers (some for over 30 years)
On Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 22.15 Graham, the owner of The Caravan Centre who was on security detail thought he heard intruders. On opening the shop door smoke and flames threw him backwards 20 feet. He phoned one of his employees who was luckily minutes away who alerted the rest of the team and they arrived as he was struggling to unlock the gate due to the black smoke. He threw the keys at Dan (our youngest member of our team) and luckily was able to get him out just as the fire and rescue teams arrived. He spent two days in hospital but has recovered. Dan is our hero. (photos to be posted soon)

Grateful thanks to the AMAZING Fire and Ambulance Service, and the nursing staff at Llanfrechfa Grange hospital. (Special thanks to a special nurse Milly xx)
Many thanks to ALL of our loyal staff who have been brilliant during this dreadful time
Hopefully see you soon, will keep you posted as we had just been Swift Approved.

If you have any damp damaged caravans/motorhomes for sale please let us know on 07799629481 or 07484502366


Caravan Breakers

Caravans are great for cheap, simple holidays throughout the UK and even further afield.  Yet, a caravan is a complex item, made up of hundreds of parts, which range from large doors and windows to small nuts and bolts.  And sometimes, it only takes one small part to go wrong to spoil what would otherwise have been an enjoyable and fulfilling family holiday.  Therefore, it makes sense to keep your caravan in good repair.

Have you ever struggled to find the needed parts for your caravan?  Have you wondered why replacement parts from the manufacturers can be so expensive?  When smart caravan owners want to perform repairs or maintenance, their first question is, “Where can I find a caravan breakers near me?”  When caravans have outlived their usefulness, they can be taken apart to provide affordable, quality parts for those still in the road.  At a large caravan breakers, UK caravanners can often find exactly the same model as they own from which to source spare parts.

Here at The Caravan Centre, we are the UK’s largest supplier of new and used caravan parts, and we break all models in order to keep other owner’s examples up and running.  It’s no secret that this area is the perfect location for a caravan breakers.  Wales has been a favourite destination for caravanners for generations, and visitor numbers have grown still further as recent events have persuaded more and more people to take their holidays close to home.  So if you’re on holiday in Wales, and realise you need spare parts for your caravan, we are ideally situated.  On the other hand, you’re always welcome to come and visit us from wherever you are based, or to use this site to order your parts for delivery by post.

As one of the country’s leading caravan breakers, we have extensive stocks of parts for all kinds of caravans, and can provide servicing for both your van and its individual appliances.  If you need to contact a caravan breakers, South Wales caravan engineers are waiting to answer your questions and help you to find the part you need.