Used Caravan Parts

When your car needs repairs, it is often possible to save money by going for high quality used spare parts.  Why should it be any different for your caravan?  Let us help you find the right used part for your caravan to keep your pride and joy on the road and operating as it should.

The other reason why used parts can be such a good idea is that from time to time, manufacturers update their models, or change them completely.  Once a factory runs out of its stock of spare parts, they can be hard to come by.  What a shame it would be if an otherwise sound van was rendered unusable, just because a single part was unavailable?

Buy Used Caravan Parts

For this reason, at The Caravan Centre, we always have an extensive stock of caravan parts for sale.  We buy old vans which are no longer useable, strip them down, and save whatever components we can for other enthusiasts to use.  Our inventory of used parts, therefore, includes mechanical parts such as hitches and axles, appliances like toilets and fridges, and interior items like tables and doors.  We also keep all those all-important parts which can go wrong right at the last minute, like water pumps and road lights.  So, even if your van develops a fault while your family are on holiday in South Wales, don’t panic!  We are here to help.

We don’t just offer caravan parts for sale here at The Caravan Centre, we can fit them too.  Our workshop is a hive of caravan-centred activity, where we perform full van and appliance servicing, and perform any necessary work on the caravan used parts we salvage to get them ready for sale.  We also test all our parts thoroughly, with gas and electrical items carrying a three-month warranty.

Without our caravan parts, UK enthusiasts could find themselves stuck without the spares they need.  But when you get in touch with our experienced and dedicated team, we will do all we can to help you to find the parts you need.