Caravan Water Section

At the Caravan Centre, we specialise in caravan water pumps.  These are essential elements to any caravan.  We sell caravan pumps that are suitable for a wide range of models and makes of vehicles.  If you are looking for new caravan water sections or components, we will help you to find the right part for your system.

Caravan water pumps have a fundamental role in a caravan.  Whether you use it for holidays, as a residence, or for a temporary work office, you need to be able to run water.  The pump provides the pressure that moves the water so that taps work.  This gives you running water, a basic home comfort.

Just like any system, parts can break over time.  If the pump breaks, you will not have running water.  This means that everything that uses running water, from making a cup of tea to having a shower, becomes much less convenient, all because of one component.  Fortunately, at the Caravan Centre, we are on hand to supply what you need.

We sell new parts for caravans, and this includes pumps.  For example, we sell Whale caravan water pumps.  Whale components are a popular choice.  They specialise in water systems and have a reputation for high-quality manufacturing.  Caravaners value Whale water system parts because they represent quality.  We also sell Truma caravan water pumps. Truma is another manufacturer which is popular with caravaners around the UK.  These parts are known for their value for money and reliability.

As well as new parts, we can supply used parts and components.  We break up caravans, and in the process, we salvage the parts that still have value and can be used.  For example, there are many caravans that have limited use.  By the time they reach the end of their life as a unit, the water system may have seen relatively limited usage and have many years of life left.  Therefore, if you have a specific requirement, for example for a particular type of 12v water pump for caravans, speak to our team.  They will be happy to help you source the right components for your requirements.  Since we were founded in 1988, we have become the UK’s largest supplier of new and used parts for all types of caravans.  This includes high-quality pumps and other parts.

What about installing the components?  We sell the parts that you need so that you can carry out the repair work.  Many caravaners enjoy this DIY aspect of maintaining their trailer.  However, we also provide a specialist repair service.  If you need technical support or advice, or if you want the entire repair to be professionally carried out, we are available.  This gives our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the work will be done quickly and effectively.

We invite you to browse through our online catalogue of available parts to see our current stock.  Alternatively, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.  We are ready to help.

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