Caravan Servicing

Here at The Caravan Repair Centre, We believe our customers safety and well being is key, Although it is not yet mandatory to have your vehicle serviced every year we strongly advise having it checked out. A Caravan service covers everything from   Wheels to Electrical connections to Blinds, your precautions could save somebodys life and prevent accidents or worse from occuring ie. Brakes failing (causing an accident), Gas leaks (carbon monoxide posioning), etc.

Service Price Guide
                                         Motorhome (Habitiation only)£140.00
                                               Caravan (Single axle) £140.00
                                                Caravan (Twin axle)£180.00
                                                 Hourly labour Rate£40.00
                                                     Daily storage£15.00

Stoarage charges apply 7 days after the agreed collection date.

All prices are plus VAT

Being NCC Approved means we check everything from the structure right down to the smallest catch. 

Below you will find a copy of part ONE of the service sheet for a       touring caravan, this shows everything we are required to check;

Conserning motorhomes we check the Gas, Electrical and water systems etc, but due to the fact we do not check the Breaks, Engines etc, It is a Habitation Service Only. (See service sheet below);

With every service whether Caravan or Motorhomes, We provide a FREE Damp check. Your damp report is a very important part of your vehicles service history and will (over time) build up a picture ie. If damp is getting worse – you know it needs     investigation and possibly a repair (depending on readings).

A Damp report should be part of every service and if you are not currently recieving this part of your service – Why not?

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