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Have you ever wondered what happens to caravans when they reach the end of their life?  There are so many privately owned caravans in the country, you may wonder what happens when the owners no longer want to maintain them, or they develop faults that lead to them becoming unusable.  The answer is caravan breaking.

When it comes down to it, regardless of the size, make or model of caravans, they all share certain commonalities.  For example, they consist of a shell that is made of a combination of lightweight materials like plywood, plastic and aluminium.  This sits on a framework that supports the weight on one or more axles, and they have a tow point at the front for connecting to the back of a vehicle.  Each model also has certain fundamental features, like a fridge, heaters, water pumps and electric lighting, to name just a few.

Over time, caravans will deteriorate.  A common problem is for the windows or air vents to leak water, or for the electrical circuits to fail.  Of course, as with most types of accommodation, from a home to a caravan, this can be slowed down by a good programme of maintenance.  By regularly taking care of the seals and other elements, an owner can prevent damage and keep everything in good condition for years or even decades.  This does not take into account accidents, including collisions on the road or vandalism, which can badly damage vehicles and caravans.

Sooner or later, however, all caravans reach the point where they are not in a good enough condition to use or sell.  For example, an accident or severe water damage can leave it unusable and unsellable.  In this case, the best option is caravan breakers.  These are companies like us, which break down the caravan into usable and unusable parts.

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The fact is that despite the failure of one part of the structure, like the windows or roof, there will be many parts that have many more years of use.  Take, for example, a model that has been used for five years for occasional family holidays before suffering a collision that damages the side.  It might not be worth repairing the overall unit but think about the water pump.  That has likely had a relatively small amount of use, just a few times a day for a few weeks or weekends a year.  Add to that the fridge, the heaters, the shower unit and the windows, just to name a few caravan parts, and it is easy to see that there are many parts that other caravan owners could use for affordable repairs.  Many parts are standard between makes and models of caravan.  If you own a caravan, this is the way to keep your costs down whilst keeping your own model in good working order.

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For the best caravan breakers, UK customers can rely on The Caravan Centre.  We stock and supply the caravan spare parts, including used caravan parts, for all makes and models.  For more information, contact us using the details on the website.