Caravan Services

Caravan Services

Caravanning is one of Britain’s favourite pastimes. There are more caravans on British roads in 2018 than there ever have been in the past, as more and more of us opt for ‘staycations’ as opposed to the kinds of foreign holidays we used to take. There are many possible reasons for this trend: since the financial upheavals which began in 2008, many of us have less disposable income than we did formerly, making cheaper less extravagant breaks more appealing. Others are concerned that political instability means traditional destinations are less secure, a tendency exacerbated by the UK’s impending exit from the European Union. Many holidaymakers are declining the services of hotels and choosing to go away in their own caravan instead.

One of the most satisfying aspects of holidaying in this way is the autonomy it offers. You can choose your own route, your own destination, your own itinerary. Enjoy the open roads of our beautiful island with your own home from home in tow. Feeling tired on your journey? Pull up at the next motorway services, park the caravan and take a rest. Visit the on site restaurants and shops at your leisure. Then continue your trip feeling relaxed and refreshed. No rush, no fuss, no hassle.

Many regions of Britain are heavily dependent on tourism. As a result, caravanning facilities in rural and seaside areas tend to be excellent. Most caravan sites offer a full range of services including fresh water, toilets, showers, electricity, laundry services, customer information, shops and bars. And most site staff will be happy to point you to local attractions and places of interest, so that once you have unhitched the caravan and set up camp you can take off in the car and explore. What will today’s adventure be?

Many of us have emergency breakdown policies in place in case our vehicles suffer a breakdown or an accident. Services like this are especially important when you are touring by caravan, as you are likely to be a long way from home and may have a car full of family and holiday gear. But let’s say you’re unfortunate enough to be stranded in a remote area with your car and caravan. Your breakdown services are on the way to recover your vehicle. But what about your caravan? Or maybe the car’s fine, but it’s the caravan itself which is suffering mechanical issues? Fear not, The Caravan Centre is here to help! We operate nationwide recovery services to get your stricken caravan back on the road, or at least to a location where it can be repaired or stored as required. We can recover your van whether it is towable or not. And if you have any difficulty finding someone to carry out repairs, our Torfaen workshop is equipped to carry out absolutely any work which may be necessary.

The Caravan Centre offers a complete range of caravan services including sales, inspections, repair and renovations, servicing, parts and disposal. See our website for more details