Safety And Security

New Parts

ALKO Safety Ball
( NSS09 )

Fits inside the coupling mechanism of AL-KO couplings or stabilisers to prevent unauthorised towing. 
Needs to be used with a locking device, such as the AL-KO barrel locks or AL-KO Security Devices.

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ALKO Safety Universal Hitchlock
( NSS10 )

Suitable for use with standard 50mm Ball Coupling devices. 
Not suitable for use with AKS style stabilisers

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Caraloc complete 700
( nss30 )

this lock is common on the older caravans if you have snapped your handle then this is your lock comes with 2 keys complete front and back

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Caralock 2000 (D Shape Lock) Spacer
( NSS14 )

170 x 60 x 12 mm Approx

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Caralock Security Lock Replacement
( NSS24 )

security barrell comes with 4 keys , for added security if you loose the keys you have had it.

these will fit a variety of locks basically any black lock 640, 2000 ect

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Clamplok - Universal Wheel Clamp
( NSS03 )

Stronghold Alloy Wheel Clamp A universal wheel clamp that will fit most wheels.  Keyless lock as the lock mechanism is a push lock type.  A great budget wheel lock, the Clamplok isn't high security clamp, but is quick fitting and a highly visible deturrent. Visible security for caravans, cars, traliers and motorbikes Adjusts to fit virtually all wheel/tyre...

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External Locker Door Lock
( NSS17 )

Complete - Widely Used by Swift / Explorer and many others.

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Fiamma Safe Door
( NSS11 )

Safety block for motorhome and caravan doors. It works as an anti-theft devise as it is made of sturdy anodized aluminium without plastic parts. It is easily installed to the vehicle wall with bolts and internal counterbrackets.

Dimensions :- 15 x 9 x 5cm Approx

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Fiamma Security 46
( NSS12 )

The Fiamma Security 46 is a solid anodized aluminum bar that flicks over and locks in place over the side motorhome entrance door preventing thieves gaining quick and easy access to this usual weak point in a motorhome exterior defense. the Security 46 also acts as a sanity check preventing accidental opening of the door when travelling and as a suitable handle to allow easier access...

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Locker Door Lock (WD)
( NSS19 )

Approx 26mm, comes with 2 Keys

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Locker Lock Square (Zadi)
( NSS25 )

Approx 45mm, comes with 2 Keys

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Locking Hasp and Staple
( NSS26 )

Approx 100mm - comes with 2 keys

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Stronghold Hitch Lock
( NSS04 )

*** FITS THE 2012 ALKO AKS3504 and AKS3004 HITCHES *** Fits ALKO hitches: AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004, AND AKS3004 Approved to  SOLD SECURE GOLD FOR CARAVANS AND TRAILERS  standard VbV/SCM MP03  approved in the Netherlands Highly visible deterrent Fits in under 10 seconds Light weight and user friendly with full colour fitting...

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Stronghold StrongArm Wheel Clamp
( NSS05 )

Fits 12" - 14" wheel rims with tyre sizes 155mm to 190mm Ideal for caravans and trailers Fits onto security bolt in under 10 seconds Sold Secure tested and approved Locks onto the wheel instead of over the tyre Specifically designed for steel wheels High security lock Millions of key combinations Registered product design Plastic storage case...

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Universal Caravan/Trailer Coupling Lock (50mm)
( NSS02 )

Inserts and locks into the hitch to prevent caravan trailer from being Towed, Suitable for 50mm hitch couplingsEasy to Fit

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WD Barrel (Standard Fixing)
( NSS27 )

Fitted to thousands of Caravans - Key is Inscribed Bailey

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WD Barrel (Thread Fixing)
( NSS29 )

2 Keys

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Zadi Barrel
( NSS28 )

Comes with 2 Keys

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