Blinds / Blind Spares

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New Parts

Blind End Cap
( 3011 )

 Blind End Cap 35mm APPROX (longest edge)

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Blind Ends
( 3013 )

 Pack of 2, Blinds Ends 28mm APPROX (at longest point)

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Blind Finger Pull (grey)
( 3015 )

 Bling Finger Pull (grey) L42mm x W20mm APPROX

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Blind Spring End Adjusters
( 3014 )

 Blind Spring End Adjusters, L13mm x W11mm x D9mm APPROX

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Blind Toggle
( 3012 )

 Blind Toggle 12mm APPROX (end to end)

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Seitz Blind Ends
( CAS01 )

pair of Seitz Blind Ends, supplied as a pack of 2 to fit left and right hand side.

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