Chassis Equipment

alko bpw break shoes dampers n-s plugs pre wired aks 3004

New Parts

50mm Hitch head
( 55 )

Used for Trailers, not a standard caravan fit.

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AL-KO Breakaway Cable
( 1073 )

AL-KO's No.1 reccomended safety equipment piece.    The AL-KO Breakaway cable is designed to engage your caravan breaks in the event of a detatch in transit.   Please note since 1982 it has been a legal requirement to have a breakaway cable fitted while towing a breaked Trailer/Caravan weighing 750kg and over.

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ALKO Hitch Head
( 47 )

AL-KO AK300 Coupling Unit

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Caravan Level Device
( 846 )

Caravan Level 

Leveling your caravan has multiple benefits the most important being correct running of the leisure fridge, tilted vans can cause performance loss in multiple fridge units. 



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Jockey Wheel Replacement
( 843 )

160mm x 35mm


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Lynch Pins
( 45 )

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Metal Centre Replacement J-Wheel
( 868 )

8" x 2"

Heavy Duty Option

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Speed Winder
( 872 )

For use with most drills, wind up your legs in seconds with ease.

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Stronghold Steady-Leg Nut
( 985 )

Insurance Approved Steady Leg Locking Nut

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