Pengi i-Dry L


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Keep damp and condensation out of your Caravan/Motorhome this winter with the Pingi I-Dry L! Humidity in a Caravan/Motorhome can result in condensation, musty smells, mould, damp patches, vermin and wood rot, all of which can be avoided with the Pingi I-Dry L De-Humidifier ! It is an incredibly durable and easy-to-use moisture absorber. The Pingi I-Dry L De-Humidifier removes damp without mains electricity or batteries. Time to recharge? It only takes a brief stay in the power point. Pingi is a new generation of moisture traps that effectively combat condensation, musty odours and moisture. In this way, pingi contributes to a healthier environment. Pingi reduces the relative humidity inside closed spaces. The Pingi I-Dry L De-Humidifier is reusable, non-toxic, colourless and easily rechargeable. It saves you money, is environmentally friendly and is safe for people (children) and animals. Pingi I-Dry L De-Humidifier is the product for those who want it all: optimal useability, robustness and a large moist absorbing capacity. It absorbs 120cc* per cycle, and therefore lasts longer.